Additions to the xLaw database

Following additions are available in the xLaw application:

Explanatory letters of draft laws adopted in 2006 - 2022 (partially also earlier ones) (xLaw RT - gray button next to the provision, section "Seletuskiri").

2012 - 2022 references of the EU directives adopted by the laws next to the provisions (see xLaw RT - gray button at the provision, section "EU õigus" and xLaw EU - at the provision, section "Estonian law")

2018- 2021 (partially earlier) Master's theses are available with references and links at the provision and from the Keyword set (xLaw RT - gray button at the provision, section "xLaw kommentaarid" and on the left "xLaw märksõnastik" - Magistritööd)

We are clarifying and adding references to Supreme Court decisions to the relevant provisions. Analyzes and case law of the Supreme Court are also available.

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