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ExtendLaw is a legal technology company that offers xLaw software – to make legal work more efficient and to optimize work processes.

xLaw is for law firms, corporations, public offices seeking legal solutions, business insights and workflow optimization.


xLaw -  Knowledge management system for Lawyers

xLaw turns your web browser into a hyper-augmented legal research and KM tool for Estonian and EU law. Add it to Word to create and access a one-click clause bank, precedent library and more.

Chrome and Firefox plugin:

  • add  information next to Articles of EU Directives and Regulations in EUR-Lex (incl. CURIA search links)
  • add private comments next to Articles

Word add-in:

  • share and organize contract clauses and general legal arguments inside of a law firm, in a company or on your own  
  • access and add your EUR-Lex comments to Word document with one click

xLaw user guide

For example - xLaw EUR-Lex
eur-lex.europa.eu/ -  directly from the article - -manage and use the knowledge base

xLaw EUR-Lex
xLaw Word 
xLaw quick search 

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