xLaw identified in Estonian laws references to invalid provisions

In legal acts are many reference norms, where the legal norm manifests itself in the interaction of several provisions and where a specific provision refers to another provision either in the same or another law.

xLaw's new functionality "References from other laws" has identified a number of such referenced provisions that are no longer in force!

The law is constantly changing and in the process of changing the laws, it is also necessary to identify the interaction of the provisions to be amended or invalidated with other provisions. Otherwise, some legal provision may become empty and unenforceable.

Until now, there was no application that would automatically detect the aforementioned problem. The only option was to search manually, but such an approach could not give a complete result, because references are often given as lists, with the wording "§ of the same law.." etc.

xLaw's new function "References from other laws" allows you to see which legal acts refer to this provision (so-called back references) next to the referenced provision. With one click, it is possible to move to the referencing provision of the valid law and at the same time, it is also possible to read the referencing provision immediately (by moving the cursor on the reference).


20 similar examples:
TTKS § 56 lg 1 p 11 -> RiKS § 5 (invalid)
TTTS § 6 lg 5 p 2 -> RPKS § 9 (invalid)
SHS § 59 lg 1 p 6 -> RPKS § 9 (invalid)
KVTRS § 39¹⁰ lg 2 -> KVTS § 31 (invalid)
TTKS § 52 lg 1 p 2 -> RiKS § 5 ((invalid)
ELTS § 111² -> VeeS § 219 (invalid)
HKTS § 13 lg 1¹ p 8 -> TTTS § 16
SMS § 3 p 5 -> TLS § 135 (invalid)
EhSRS § 11¹ lg 2 -> PlanS § 70 (invalid)
EVKS § 88 lg 7¹ -> ÄS § 50 (invalid)
ÜTS § 35 -> PGS § 54 (invalid)
MKS § 168⁶ -> RaKS § 17 (invalid)
AdvS § 81 lg 2 -> MTÜS § 53 (invalid)
TKS § 19 lg 7 -> MTÜS § 78 (invalid)
KOLS § 11¹ -> MTÜS § 78 (invalid)
SAS § 85² -> MTÜS § 82 (invalid)
FIS § 46¹ lg 4 -> VPTS § 228 (invalid)
FIS § 46¹ lg 6 -> VPTS § 228 (invalid)
KeHJS § 36 lg 2 p 9 -> PlanS § 35 (invalid)
KeHJS § 36 lg 2 p 9 -> PlanS § 103 (invalid)

Overview of the laws coming into force on 01.09.2023

Amendments to the 26 laws in Estonia entered into force on 01.09.2023 (including 2 new laws - the Foreign Investment Reliability Assessment Act and the Forensic Examination Act)

In the xLaw application, it is possible to see the changes in the redaction comparison directly at the changed provision.

We have also prepared an overview of the law changes coming into force on 01.09.2023 - See here
In the overview file legal texts that were valid until 31.08.2023 are coloured red and the ones valid from 01.09.2023 in green.

At the beginning of the overview PDF there is a table of contents, where you can click on the law amendment of interest, which opens the relevant part. In addition, the title of each section is linked to the Riigi Teataja and the xLaw user can also immediately read the reasons for the change from the excerpt of the explanatory letter added next to the provision.


New functionality of xLaw- references from other laws

We are happy to announce that it is now possible to see in the xLaw application next to the legal act's provision which provisions refer to it.

There are many reference norms in laws (both direct when referring to another section of the same legal act and indirect when referring to the provision of another law). From the very beginning, xLaw has turned these references into links, which allows you to quickly move to the referenced provision of the valid legal act and read the provision immediately by moving the cursor to the reference. Now the same is also possible on the referenced provision (so-called back references).