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xLaw adds features to EUR-Lex ( http://eur-lex.europa.eu) and Microsoft Word
to make lawyers' work more effective and legal research faster and easier.


Chrome and Firefox plugin:

- add information next to Articles of EU Directives and Regulations in EUR-Lex (incl. CURIA search links)

- add private comments next to Articles

Word add-in:

- share and organize contract clauses and general legal arguments inside of a law firm, in a company or on your own  

- access and add your EUR-Lex comments to Word document with one click

xLaw contains:

xLaw RT (for Estonian lawyers, in Estonian) –  Visit site

xLaw EUR-lex (all EU languages, including Estonian, English) – Visit site

xLaw Word (in English) –  Visit site

xLaw RT, xLaw EUR -lex, xLaw quick search (GIF): LOOK   

xLaw Word (GIF): LOOK

xLaw Word (manual): LOOK  

xLaw video (On 31 July 2017, xLaw application was introduced at the Legal Analytics Conference  "Finding the right needle in the right haystack " in Tallinn). 

xLaw is available in plugin version for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and in add-in version for Microsoft Word.

Download here:

xLaw for Google Chrome

xLaw for Mozilla Firefox

xLaw Word for Microsoft Word 

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