xLaw is used by attorneys, judges, prosecutors, notaries, baliffs, trustees, also by many government agencies and local municipalities.

Read, what our long-time customers say:

xLaw is the greatest digital assistant for a lawyer. It makes work quicker and increases quality, bringing court judgments and community wisdom from the depths of databases directly to the epicentre of an attorney's workflow. Lawyers used to work with bits and pieces of legislation, but now xLaw integrates all pieces of laws and relevant court practice into comprehensive knowledge. xLaw is great for any user – a beginner can immediately benefit from the wisdom of xLaw without a hassle, but a power user can unleash the true powers of the tool to transform work habits and significantly increase efficiency. Simple and brilliant!
Kaupo Lepasepp, Managing Partner, Law Firm SORAINEN
Client since 2017
xLaw has helped to make work more efficient and faster for the attorneys and lawyers in Law Firm COBALT. Quick search, explanatory memorandums, and court judgments next to the relevant sections in the “Riigi Teataja” (“Official Gazette”), and the possibility to include your notes to sections – these are just a few examples of its functionalities that we find indispensable to our work today.
Sten Luiga, Senior Partner, Law Firm COBALT
Client since 2017

xLaw is an everyday tool in Ellex Raidla law firm. It makes our work simpler. In a large office, it is important to ensure that information moves quickly. xLaw has created excellent conditions for working with clients, with the possibility to conveniently attach comments and explanations to sections of Acts. Quick search and the availability of additional sources linked to sections are also great functions

Ants Nõmper, Managing Partner, Ellex Raidla Law Firm
Client since 2017
As said, PwC Legal is a true fan of automation and efficiency tools and xLaw is a great example of that. It has become an indispensable solution used daily by all our attorneys and lawyers as it enables us to gather collective wisdom and share it internally with everyone. Therefore, xLaw contributes to better quality of legal analysis and saves time and therefore clients’ money.
Karin Marosov, Managing Partner of PwC Legal Estonia
Client since 2017
WALLESS Law Firm was one of the first to use xLaw tool, and our attorneys are very happy with it. We are fascinated by how simple it is and how practical its developers are. Rather than adding “bells and whistles”, they focus on what lawyers really need. xLaw helps save working hours. We recommend it.
Hannes Vallikivi, Partner, Law Firm WALLESS
Client since 2017
An irreplaceable tool for every lawyer, whether you are a judge, lawyer or prosecutor. User convenience has been the development focus, and xLaw system is one of the few cases where the solution reveals that its author is both a lawyer and a world-class developer. xLaw allows us in TRINITI to work more efficiently and logically. First, because the solution is holistic and functions in the same way in the databases of legal acts and court decisions, and even in European Union databases. Second, because it provides added value by functioning in browsers as well as text processing programmes. Third, it “knows” Estonian. Every new xLaw module and functionality that is developed keeps in mind the needs of lawyers, be it data query from the Estonian Commercial Register or automation of document production.
Karmen Turk, Partner, Law Firm Triniti
Client since 2017
Lawyers of NJORD Law Firm use the xLaw application daily and in their opinion, it provides a fast and effortless search for court decisions that are linked to legal provisions and interpret the provisions. It is excellent that the provisions, which have entered into force, are linked to the relevant explanatory memorandums, because it is often necessary to investigate the background of a provision to understand the essence and purpose of the provision. We find that the xLaw application is a practical tool in legal counselling.
Triinu Hiob, Partner, NJROD Law Firm
Client since 2017
Using xLaw has become a natural part of the daily work of our attorneys. We are particularly happy that xLaw is able to quickly and conveniently identify court judgments and legal literature related to specific provisions. This makes legal analysis significantly easier.
Merlin Seeman, Managing Partner, Law Firm Hedman Partners & Co
Client since 2017
Our office uses xLaw in our daily work. It saves time for both us and our customers. We find it to be very user-friendly. What we like most is that xLaw allows us to save comments related to specific provisions of law which we can put to use later as well. It is also helpful for finding relevant court practice quickly, as well as interpreting law provisions. What is especially important for us as a law firm that advises international clients it that xLaw makes it easy to find current translations of all law provisions. As a final remark, we praise Evert (and his team) for his vision and courage to start xLaw and we are looking forward to future improvements of the program.
Karin Kaup, Managing Partner, Law Firm KPMG Law
Client since 2017
At first glance, the solution offered by xLaw appears to be simple; on the contrary it is rather an innovative and advantageous addition to any lawyer's toolkit. We use it every single day and could not imagine operating without such a tool in today’s 21st century information society. xLaw simplifies and accelerates the work process as well as enables us to offer clients quality legal service in an effective and convenient manner. We use the full functionality of xLaw with colleagues specifically acknowledging the significant convenience of the case law search system, which comprises the option to add comments and explanations to sections of Acts and share them with colleagues across the firm. Lawyers goes through a considerable amount of data often located in different sources thereby making it favourable to pool data to one easily accessible point. A lawyer using xLaw will sleep better at night knowing an important piece of information has not gone unnoticed.
Jaanus Mägi, Managing Partner, Magnusson Estonia
Client since 2017
xLaw is a valuable assistant in the work of a lawyer and an attorney. Its use increases the efficiency of legal services and helps to improve quality. xLaw features are constantly being added and improved, making xLaw an up-to-date and practical work tool. We also highly appreciate the xLaw team's professional and friendly customer support and openness to cooperation.
Mari Past, Partner, Law Firm NOVE
Client since 2018
xLaw has become such a natural and integral part of the work of a lawyer that it is hard to imagine everyday work without it. With its capabilities, xLaw allows you to quickly and conveniently find relevant case law, commentaries and explanatory notes. Everything you need is conveniently and compactly in one place, saving valuable time and being user-friendly.
Tanel Tark, Managing Partner, TARK Law Firm
Client since 2019
Once you start using xLaw, there is no going back. Having become acquainted with it while working as an attorney, I got used to all the conveniences. It seemed as natural as the Internet or the availability of redactions on Riigiteataja.ee. Therefore, I was struck by an unexpected setback when I started working for AS Eesti Raudtee. The legal provisions had no longer "buttons". The explanatory notes and court decisions were no longer a click away. I quickly introduced the excellent opportunities of xLaw to my colleagues, and we took advantage of them. For many years now, we have been using xLaw practically on a daily basis and continue to be very happy with it! Thank you very much, and congratulations to you for this beneficial application!
Gea Vendel, Head of Procurement Department, Eesti Raudtee
Client since 2019