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next to law articles EU directives and regulations in EUR-Lex: http://eur-lex.europa.eu 


Buttons directly on the Article of the EU Directive and Regulation and from xLaw Keyword Dictionary allowing you to quickly gain an overview of the subject as well as the key issues that you may need to consider: 

- EU court judgments (Court of Justice of the European Union -https://curia.europa.eu), which is related to this specific article 

Adding search engines to legal acts available on the EUR-Lex ( http://eur-lex.europa.eu), which enables the User to search for references to particular provisions from court judgements, using the databases of EU court judgments   - Court of Justice of the European Union   -( https://curia.europa.eu )

- you can add own comments to the article  and 
The User can add information, with exclusive access by the User, to provisions in legal acts available on the EUR-Lex. A User Group can be created where selected users of xLaw are linked and members of the group can see, change and amend information added by other members of the group.

-  xLaw dashboard  

You can save clauses  by tagging them with keywords, which helps you find them easily  

- Estonia law-  direct links to related Estonian law 

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